Donate or Volunteer TODAY!




Most parents would like to be involved in their child’s program, but they may not know about all the ways that they can contribute. Some parents can alter their schedule to participate in a special events or to go on a field trip. Some parents cannot. All parents can contribute in some fashion.  It is important to offer a variety of options for parent involvement that match parents’ interests, skills and schedules. 

Every TOPP KIDS Program has a  â€śjob jar” in the room containing index cards with program-related jobs  that a parent could do without coming to the program. These might include repairing broken materials, creating science and nature kits or shopping at yard sales for cooking utensils or costumes.


call for volunteersWe invite parents to share their interests and talents. Below are some of the ways parents can volunteer:

  • Help host a family movie or cooking night planned and hosted by the parents. Sell popcorn and drinks to raise funds for extra materials or field trips.
  • Schedule a “fix-it” night where children and parents can work together to spruce up the program facility, paint furniture, give all the sports equipment tune-ups or prepare a plot of ground for a garden.
  • Help organize a photo album about the program. We provide the pictures and the book; parents and children can assemble it.
  • Loan items for display such as paintings photographs, collections or photo albums.
  • Check out your programs copy of  their wish list of resource materials and people we would like to have at the program. Parents might make contributions themselves, or they could help by putting you in touch with businesses, community organizations or individuals who would be willing to contribute time, talents and materials.
  • Become a representative on our Accreditation Team or Advisory Committee
  • Volunteer as part of a community initiative- i.e: Community fairs or fundraisers as a spporter of TOPP KIDS 
  • Just come in volunteer your time and PLAY!
  • We ALWAYS Encourage inter-generational activities, so grandparents, this means you too!


It is important to us that all these activities are included in our programs. We thrive off of family and community partnerships as bold thread that runs through every aspect of our program.


We Invite you to Donate:

  1. Items for prop boxes
  2. Wonderful junk for art
  3. Dress-up clothing
  4. Toys, books, or games (good condition please, no broken items)


General Accepted Donations List

Old jewelry
Dress up clothes
Old costumes
Small to medium gift boxes (for gifts and creating building projects)
Shoe boxes (dioramas and games)
Paper towel and tissue rolls
The front of cards (all types)
Dried beans, seeds rice and grain for art/collages
Paper Tubes
Christmas general, and birthday wrap (gently used)
Ribbons (gently used)
Unused birthday and holiday cups and plates
Unused birthday and holiday napkins
Paper doilies
Tinsel, garland
Gently used games
Gently used toys of all kinds
Old clean socks (for indoor or warm-winter State snowball fight,
Making puppets, or kids with wet feet)
Mittens, hats (for crafts or kids that forget theirs)
Plastic serving trays
Margarine bowls, cottage cheese containers, etc (for crafts or holding supplies)
Old magnets from fridge
Tissue paper from gifts
Wire hangers
Small appliances to take apart and/or recreate
Paper of all kinds: copy, lined, index cards, colored
Books for all ages
DVD’s and videos (G rated)
Office supplies
Sewing items-yarn, thread, needles, pins
Silk flowers (all sizes)
Shaped unused pasta noodles
Dried spaghetti noodles
Left-over craft supplies
Old magazines (check for appropriateness)
Paper bags (all sizes)
Old bingo dabbers
Envelopes (makes great little gift sacs)
All-sizes baggies
Different size smooth stones
Small sea shells
Flour, corn starch, salt, corn syrup, cinnamon
Rubber bands
Film tubes
Card board (small to 16 x 20)
Plastic table cloths
Measuring spoons-cups and any cooking materials
Eye droppers and science materials