Sreekala Nair

Sreekala Nair

Sreekala is from Kerala which is the southernmost part of India. After completing her high-school and post-secondary education, she completed her bachelor’s in chemistry and masters in 2003 from Mahatma Gandhi University. Sreekala also holds her Bachelor of Education in Physical Sciences in 2004. After completing her studies, she has worked in different schools across […]

Jillian Carruthers

Jillian was born and raised in Calgary. Throughout the years, she has had the opportunity to travel to many places to explore different cultures, such as Peru, England, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. When she was younger, she attended the Edge School for athletes where she pursued her passion for soccer. She eventually got into […]

Janina Guerra

Jania is super excited to be a part of the TOPP KIDS team! She recently graduated from the University of Alberta completing a Bachelor of Science. Jania always loved working with children and started with tutoring then moved on to summer camps, and now out of school clubs!

Carolina Pardo-Montana

Carolina was born in Colombia and moved to Canada 11 years ago. She earned her diploma in Early Childhood Education as well as an Infant and Toddler certificate from Capilano Univeristy. She also has a diploma in Interior Design from Vancouver College of Art & Design. Carolina has been working in the ECE field for […]

Miranda Mills

Miranda has been working and volunteering with kids in a few settings since 2015. She started off falling into teaching piano for the woman who had taught her piano for years and it continued from there. Because of that experience, Miranda decided that she wanted to work with the kids and not in a lab […]

Kristin Pritchard

Kristin has been involved in Early Learning and Child Care for more than a decade. She is excited to join TOPP KIDS and get back to doing something she loves, PLAYING! Working with children has always been a passion of hers, as she is a true believer in learning through play as well as being […]

Megan Weber

Megan is currently in her third year in the program of Early Learning and Child Care at Mount Royal University. Once she has completed her program, she will receive a Bachelor of Child Studies. Megan grew up playing elite and competitive hockey, making it all the way to college on a scholarship. However, an injury […]

Danielle Gauthier

Danielle has recently completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Calgary with a major in dance and is a mentor in the TOPP KIDS family. Born and raised in Edmonton, she grew up in a family that supported her many endeavors: academically, athletically and in the arts. She completed French Immersion schooling from […]

Sydney Winsnes

Sydney grew up in Red Deer and has recently moved to Calgary to begin working in the Child Care industry, with the desire to become a Paediatric Nurse. She has a passion for creativity and a connection to children through play. Sydney has coached many sports teams and has been highly involved in athletic programs […]

Amanda Ip

Amanda has a background in graphic design where she played and created alone for many years but she is excited to pursue her second passion of working with children. She loves the joy and innocence that children bring to our future. “I am more than ready to get my hands dirty to share the fun […]