Daniela Quintero

Daniella is an enthusiastic learner that strives to inspire a passion for learning in children. She believes that freedom of expression is crucial for children to obtain through diverse creative mediums in order to foster healthy, competent, and functioning adults in society. There are many innovative and imaginative ways children express themselves. What she has observed throughout her experiences with working with children is that play is the most important element in a child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. This has transformed the way she interacts and perceives children. Daniella feels that when given the right tools and guidance, children can thrive in an environment that supports their imagination. As a result, she am an advocate for children’s right to play, as it is the best way children learn. She strongly believes her role is to not only be a caregiver but to also empower and strengthen children’s concept of self-respect.

Besides running around with children, she is working on getting her Bachelor’s of Arts degree, with the hope of continuing on to become an elementary school teacher. Her other interests include yoga, ballet, and make-up artistry. Daniella was a closet poet but now has learned the value of sharing fearlessly. Some of my poetry works are published, and children have become a constant flow of inspiration, and gratitude.