Danielle Gauthier

Danielle has recently completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Calgary with a major in dance and is a mentor in the TOPP KIDS family. Born and raised in Edmonton, she grew up in a family that supported her many endeavors: academically, athletically and in the arts.

She completed French Immersion schooling from kindergarten to grade 9, then decided to pursue her passion for dance in High School. She was heavily involved in sports in Junior High including volleyball, basketball, track and field, slow pitch, soccer and wrestling teams. Not only does she like expressing herself artistically through dance, but she also enjoys culinary arts, painting, sculpting, colouring and singing. Dannielle prides herself in being the fun aunt and she adores her niece and nephew. In the future, she is interested in becoming a teacher and is excited to bring her positive attitude to TOPP KIDS and the ECE field!