Iris Macdonald

Married, a mother of two children; her passions and determinations are to be a positive influence in children’s lives, beginning with her own.

Enjoying every moment of being a home as a stay mom, Iris has run my own day home, worked as a Sunday School Teacher, and assisted in organizing activities for children’s summer camps. Recently she completed her Educational Assistant program at Columbia College, fully enjoying the studies of Child Development, Child Psychology, Diverse Learning Disabilities, and behaviours that challenge, allowing her to fine tune her abilities to help children reach their full academic potential and overall life success.

Iris is a true believer that children are extraordinarily precious members of a society; they are exquisitely alert, sensitive and conscious of their surroundings; and they are extraordinarily vulnerable. She considers giving them profound respect and affection to which they are unconditionally entitled part of what she does daily.

We as adults, need to be their light and trustful guidance in their first steps in this world. Iris is very excited to be part of this family to bring love, growth, and success to their lives through play and laughter.