Marianne Hayward

Marianne is a fun-loving, compassionate, mother of two wonderful adult sons.

She has worked hard and received diplomas in both Child and Youth Care as well as Addictions. She looking forward to the many other educational experiences hosted by TOPP KIDS to j=help further her knowledgebase.

“My goal is to focus my new learning path on Indigenous Studies. Learning about culture, and the history of other people, has great value, especially, when we can pass on what we have learned. I think that we as people should never stop learning.

My goal is to make at least one child smile each day. I believe that one person’s kindness, can change, the lives of each member of a family.

I enjoy exploring, the world at large, and my favorite question is why? Have you ever wondered, how a small bird can fly against the wind?  I love engaging, in active play, some of my favorite things include jumping in puddles, crunching dry fall leaves under my feet, and making snow angels. I love animals, and nature. I find much satisfaction in the ability, to explore nature with my family and my dogs. I believe that we are all like flowers in a garden, it takes many different flowers to make a garden beautiful.  My greatest joy is experiencing the magic, and wonder, of life, through the eyes of a child.  I would like to take the time to thank the parents in advance, for allowing me the opportunity to get to know your children.”

Marianna’s hobbies are writing, and gardening and photography.