Savannah Thompson

From a young age, Savannah knew she wanted to help others. By the time she was five, she and her mother started a sock drive that went through schools and businesses to help those less fortunate. Savannah had many goals and as she got older. She knew that she had to find a field of work that involved interacting with others. The inspiration from her past fueled her desire to work with youth in hopes to assist them and direct them on a path. This path would help young minds develop their limitations and highlight their strengths so that they can reach their fullest potentials. Savannah started out her work experience in retail and hospitality and worked in those fields for many years. In that time, she developed strong communication skills and was able to adapt to any situation brought to her.

Savannah completed her diploma as a youth service worker to navigate young people on their way through their development from young childhood, to adolescence. Her goals are to assist them in their growth through this difficult time by playing, laughing and learning. Savannah takes pride in all that she does and is excited to apply her knowledge and joy of active play and art with the young individuals that she encounters. Savannah fell in love with early childhood programs such as morning and after school care as it was an important piece of what helped her become the person she is today. She attended many as she grew up and strongly believe in paying it forward and using one’s personal experiences to make a difference.