About Us




TOPP KIDS Child Care Center was founded as a before and after school program in 2010 as a project of passion for its founder Leslie Topp.

Having worked as an Early Childcare Education Director, a Montessori  teacher, a Developmental Aid for Autistic and other special needs children, as well as a private day home director for over 25 years, Leslie experienced first and the incredible effect of early academic exposure and the power of play and natural exploration in young children.

In the years that followed, she worked to modify her own existing program to create a different approach, one that would not impose on the child’s natural desire to explore, play, and learn by experimenting with the environment. She then came up with her Play, Grow, Laugh & Learn model.

This finally resulted in the grand opening of TOPP KIDS Child Care Centre in 2010. Its unique approach to child care has been a great success amongst Calgarian families and surpassed our founder’s goals, establishing multiple programs around the Calgary.

The popularity of the first school program resulted in the incremental  growth of its program 3 times before opening its second program in a neighboring school in 2012. In July 2013 we launched our first Summer Camp and extending our reach across the city to open our 4th program in September of 2013 in the community of Coventry Hills. In 2014 we opened yet another program at Maple Ridge Elementary, Evergreen in 2015, Copperfield Elementary in 2016 and now our latest program at Holy Child School in Silverado in 2017. 

Over the next few years, more schools will open in Calgary and possibly extend our reach province wide.





Leslie M. Topp is a mother, grandmother & visionary. Born in Toronto and raised here in Calgary, she has experienced first-hand the care and educational approaches of many establishments around the city.

As the founder and CEO of TOPP KIDS Child Care Centres, Leslie is a pioneer in the field of modern early childhood education. She is continuing to find ways to improve and set the bar in child care standards and in many ways surpasses established programs worldwide.