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Kindergarten Programs


Full Time Kindergarten Programs

(Maple Ridge & Holy Child Schools only)

In addition to our regular before and after school programming, TOPP KIDS is proud to offer full day kindergarten programs for students at our Maple Ridge Elementary and Holy Child School locations. TOPP KIDS’ Kindergarten Director and team have created a program that compliments what they’re learning in their classrooms, while still PLAYing, GROWing, LEARNing & LAUGHing with weekly themes based on their interests. 

Throughout the day we have plenty of opportunity to go outside and participate in games that not only help us to grow, but allow us to make new friends as well. Our daily calendar activities help us to learn new concepts in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programming, and we use group discussions to introduce and become familiar with new concepts before having the chance to dive in, get dirty and explore them for ourselves! Whether we’re exploring the solar system, learning to appreciate the natural world around us, or practicing the skills we’ll need for the rest of our lives, we at TOPP KIDS believe in having fun in everything we do.

Kindergarten children will have the opportunity to play with older grades everyday before the first bell rings and after the last bell of the day in our all inclusive K- 4  and K- 9 programs.


Before & After School Kindergarten Care

TOPP KIDS is also pleased to extend our affordable, high quality Before and After School Programs to children who are enrolled in a kindergarten program operated by Prince of Wales, St. Philip Fine Arts, Coventry Hills and Evergreen Elementary schools. 

Kindergarten children are in the same program as the grades 1-6.

We currently provide:
•Age-specific programming for children in kindergarten
•Before or after school programs located in your child’s school

Before School Program

The Before School Program operates from 7:00am and continues until school begins (morning bell). Children participate in social activities and have time to enjoy a parent packed healthy breakfast, or morning snack while onsite.

After School Program

The After School Programs begin at the school dismissal bell and continues until 6:00p.m. Children are greeted by the same staff each day, which allows a sense of stability and familiarity to develop. Program staff have prepared, in advance, fun and stimulating activities for the children to enjoy. In addition to active play, children have the opportunity to socialize with their friends. Special events are planned on a regular basis, including enrichment opportunities.


 These TOPP KIDS Child Care Centres DO NOT have access to the school facilities between the hours of morning and afternoon dismissal bells and therefore cannot provide care during this time. Families of kindergarten students may only pick either a Before OR After School Portion as we cannot provide care in between hours. Full PD Days and Spring Break are still availible for full day care.



Please talk to you Program Coordinator for more details.