Holy Child Elementary (Silverado) (K-9)


At TOPP KIDS- Holy Child School, we believe it is our mission to make every child feel happy, safe and free to explore and learn, which we achieve through a large arrangement of activities developed according to the needs of each child.Using our PLAY, LAUGH, LEARN & GROW model, we provide tons of opportunities to engage in sports, art, drama, literature, theme clubs and much, much more! We love involving our families and school in our programming, building a strong community around the children. We encourage parents/ guardians to participate in all of our activities.

Using various learning methods based on play, our team will encourage and motivate children through creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, accountability and independent decision making. Our desire is to assist the school in achieving its mission “Educating tomorrow’s citizens today”, which we can achieve through mutual support and encouragement. We look forward to having fun and building a healthy and prosperous Maple Ridge community. Welcome to our family!

Centre Values

Using the “Bucket Filling” technique,  children learn and discover how they can experience the joy of helping, sharing, and giving. This approach focuses on positive behavior. The term “fill a bucket” is taught and its call to action is: What can you do to fill a bucket?  Imagination and creativity are valued, fostered and encouraged.

Your Program Coordinator – Karen Swanson

Karen has worked as a Early Childhood Educator for over 25 years. For 15 of those years she worked as the Childcare & Home Support Coordinator for a family resource center in central Alberta. Karen facilitated parenting programs, planned the children’s activities and implemented health and safety guidelines at the agency. After moving to Calgary Karen provided care for her two granddaughters and operated her own day home. She joined the TOPP KIDS team in June 2012 and has continued to further her education with Bow Valley College. Karen has a true passion for providing quality care for children of all ages and is a born leader..



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All children accepted to TOPP KIDS- Holy Child must be registered to attend the school in September 2017.

Applicants will be notified of placement by May 31st, 2017.








Opening Hours: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm  (Monday to Friday)

Address: 31 Silverado Terrace SW, T2X 0E2

Centre Manager: To be named

Phone: To be assigned

Email: [email protected]


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