Ongoing Learning Opportunities

Are you or your team looking for some great ongoing learning opportunities in Alberta for ECE’s?

Below is a list of opportunities outside of ELCC & Community Development that are great for you and your team to explore and are available anytime.


PD Opportunities:

  1. Brain Story Certification:

            (ECE’s can apply for reimbursement for the 20 hours of course time)


  1. The Canadian Child Care Federation:


  1. Brightwheel:


  1. The Source for Learning:


  1. Child Care Resource and Referral:


  1. Early Childhood Investigations Webinars:


  1. Respect in Schools:


  1. Event Bright:–events/professional-development-for-early-childhood-educators/


  1. City of Calgary: After School Training


  1. Institute of Child Psychology:


     11. ChildCare Education Institute:




Continuing Education

1. Portage College: Early Learning & Child Care Certificate:


2. Red Deer Polytechnic: Childhood Education Leadership Development

The one-year Early Childhood Education (ECE) Leadership Development Certificate offers students the opportunity to learn the theory and practices associated with a leadership role in the ELCC profession. Courses will explore contemporary ideas of management, relationships, curriculum, and pedagogy from the context of a leader.


3. Bow Valley College: ELCC Diploma:


4. Mount Royal University: Children’s Mental Health Certificate:


5. Columbia College: Child Care Assistant:


6. Portage College: Early Learning & Child Care Certificate:


7. NorthWestern Polytechnic:


8.. Lakeland College:


9.. Lethbridge College:


10. Medicine Hat College:




Behaviour Supports Resources/Training

  1. BC Parks Recreation and Parks Association: BC Recreation and Parks Association – Courses – Strategies for Challenging Behaviours (


  1. Alberta Council of Disabilities Services: Positive Behaviour Support (


  1. Crisis &Trauma Resource Institute: Challenging Behaviours In Youth Workshop – CTRI (


  1. NAEYC:



ADHD Resources


  1. ADHD training Foothills Academy:


  1. CHADD:


  1. Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network:


  1. You tube video by Dr. Barkley:


  1. Canlearn Society:


  1. CADDAC :


  1. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention:


  1. Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development:



Social and Emotional (SEL) Resources


  1. Childhood 101:


  1. Virtual Lab School:,during%20the%20school%2Dage%20years.


  1. Raising Children Network:


  1. Aussie Childcare Network:


  1. Centre on the Developing Child:


  1. NAEYC:


  1. Child Mind Institute:


  1. Net:    


  1. Your Therapy Source:


  1. Great


  1. Foothills Academy:


12.  CASEL Fundamentals of SEL 


13. Life Space Crisis Intervention Online Resources – Life Space Crisis Intervention, Inc. (



Calming Resources


  1. Calming strategies:


  1. Coping skills for Kids:


  1. Child Mind Institute:


  1. Teaching Expertise:


  1. We are Teachers:


  1. Minds In Bloom:


  1. Mindfulmazing:


  1. Active for Life:

9. FLIP IT Instead of Flipping Out: You Can Transform Challenging Behavior!



Trauma Informed Care & Mental Health Resources