Deconstructing Gender Identity

November 29, 2018 @ 6:30pm-8:30pm
ELCC & Community Development Education Centre

An Honest Talk on Gender Identification in Child Development.


The truth beneath all of people’s inner complexities and societal expectations is that we all itch with the necessity to know: is it a boy or a girl?

Does gender matter? Gender is an essence that matters even more in the gender identification of child development.  Stereotypes prevail in the world of toys and children’s learning space and in turn, influences children’s behavior, self-concept/self-identity and body image.

This workshop will actively explore gender through a cross-cultural lens to deconstruct gender stereotypes as well as to ignite the conversation about gender fluidity, gender performativity and the social constructs that recognizes the full spectrum of gender to achieve the goal of inclusiveness in your program.

CLICK HERE for a printable poster for your staff board.