WE ARE OPEN!- May 10th -25th

May 25, 2021


OPEN May 10th – 25th

With some minor tweaks…

We are here for you!

The last 72 hours have been a bit of a roller coaster for families, school boards, and us here at T.K.

We understand that despite work from home orders that not all families have that option. As far as we are concerned we are an essential service but operating during a shutdown is no easy feat and decisions have not been easy to make. The easy thing to do would have been to shut down and let everyone fend for themselves for the 2 weeks, and we know that families need us. After an ALL HANDS on deck meeting yesterday with our educators, we have decided that all T.K. locations will stay open for the time being. We have had to make some alterations in how we operate during this time. The following adjustments will be made:

We will be closed tomorrow– Friday, May 7th – to prep for the extended operational hours over the next few weeks. Beginning Monday, May 10th, 2021.

K-6: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 5 PM

Full-time: fees will remain the same
Part-time: An additional $15 / Day will be added to those who attend.
Drop-Ins-Typical PD Day Fees

It is important to know that TOPP KIDS is not receiving any government supports during this time. We are accommodating what we can for our teams and our families but do appreciate those who would like to help us advocate for further supports. Contact ctopp@toppkids.com to find out how you can support.

Each location will send out a sign-up for each week so we know who to expect so we can staff appropriately later today.

Programs are not expected to provide online learning supervision for children and are only expected to provide out-of-school care programming as we would on a PD day or other non-school day. We can however provide a space for your child to do self-driven classwork.

Our Management team will be reassessing programs and steps forward on May 21st and will communicate with families accordingly.

New cohorts will be built during the next two weeks and safety and cleaning and screening procedures will continue to be diligent.

As in any PD registration or spring break, we will be prioritizing full-time registrants, then part-time, then drop-ins due to the AHS cohort restrictions.

An email will be sent out by your program shortly to sign up for the following week. weekly sign-ups will be mailed out during the length of the school closures.

In addition, as previously announced by the Premier, all staff working in licensed child care are now eligible to be vaccinated. Our programs are allowing team members time to go get their vaccinations and support staff available to cover while they are gone.

Our focus as always is to do the best we can for our families, kiddos, and teams.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us directly at 403.710.8384 or ctopp@toppkids.com.
for program-specific questions, your Program Coordinators and teams are always here to support you.

To read about our current Covid-19 Response Plan policies, visit:
(Agreement form signed by all families with fee descriptions on page 23, subject 10)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at 403.710.8384.

We will do our best to keep everyone informed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, We know this week has been stressful for many families and our teams. Thank you for your continued support and to those who have reached out to our teams this last week.
-Your TOPP KIDS Family