Afordability Grant – KindiClubs

These rates are provided directly to the program to further reduce KINDICLUB childcare fees. (excluding Year 1 at Bayside School)

  • For full-time Kindergarten children, TK will be paid $450/registered KindiClub space. (FULL-TIME KINDICLUB REGISTRATION)
  • Please note: This does not include Children in Kindergarten attending before and afterschool programs (Prince of Wales, Coventry Hills, St.Mary’s, & Copperfield as they only attend before and afterschool hours).
  • Please note: If your child does DROP-IN Care, you will not be eligible for the Affordability Grant unless you reach the minimum of 50 hours per month (50-99hrs),
  • Please Note: All remaining fees/balances are the responsibility of the family and balances will be charged as usual month to month.
(10 month/ 100+Hrs)
Current Fee  $906.40
Operating Grant -$450
NEW FEE  $456.40