I grew up in a small town called Prince Rupert BC. When I turned 9 years old my mom signed me up for singing and guitar lesson at a studio called Ring System Studios taught by the one and only, Ian Lihou. I excelled at this for the 8 years that I was a student, singing in front of big audiences, starting a all-girls band called “Nobody Told Rachel”. Once I turned 17 Ian offered me a position as his partner in teaching at the studio which I of course accepted. I got to watch kids have the same excitement and experiences that I did but from a different point of view, a proud teacher.

I was a part of the music community my whole life, it gave me so much purpose and enjoyment, but one day I realized I had gone as far as I can musically in Prince Rupert.

I recently left my home town. I thought I could live there forever, that there was no need to explore the world.

Then I met my long-term partner Zakk, he opened my mind to the possibilities outside of Prince Rupert. When we met I knew he had no intentions of staying in Prince Rupert long-term so I had a decision to make. With his support and guidance, I managed to make the right decision and move with him to explore what else may be out there. Now that I’ve done it, I know how much I needed it. Although I miss family and friends, moving here has given me a new sense of freedom and adventure.

Luckily my immediate family like my Sister and Brother (Makayla and Damian) and my Mom and Dad, (Deanna and Ron) live in Edmonton. My extended family like Grandparents, Aunties, and Uncles still live in Prince Rupert but I go back to visit as often as possible.

I have always loved working with people in general but kids more specifically, I like hearing their ridiculous stories and getting to act like a kid again myself. There is so much to learn for both of us, kids and adults, so to me, life really just begins with them.