Chelsea Hendricks

Chelsea’s passion has always been to work with children. She strives to be the kind of educator and human that she would have felt safe with and had fun with growing up as a child herself. She loves spending time with her inner child and it expands out into her work and her personal life, whether it be blowing bubbles on her balcony, jumping through a sprinkler, or singing along to a song while wandering the grocery aisles. Chelsea has two years of professional early childhood education experience under her belt after graduating with her Early Childhood Education Diploma from Bow Valley College in 2020 but has lots of experience working with children via family, friends, or volunteering.

In her spare time, Chelsea volunteers with animal shelters, mostly through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew (AARCS), where she also fosters rescue dogs in need. Chelsea enjoys camping, swimming, collecting crystals, decorating too early for Halloween, and spending time with her friends.