Keandra Smith is so excited to be joining the TOPP KIDS Family as an Active Play Coordinator. Keandra started her journey with TK in 2013, as a child attending the summer camp program. She then became a Mentor, Junior-Leader, and has volunteered for the past four years. Keandra has continued to come back every year to have fun, make some great memories, spend time with friends and be part of the Topp Kids Family.


Keandra recently graduated from Crescent Height High School (CHHS – class of 2021-2022). She was enrolled in the Leadership Program at CHHS where they would create and organize events for the entire school to participate. Keandra was also enrolled in the Sports Medicine Program (where they would learn about how to treat/help athletes that where injured) and she was the Senior Girls Volleyball Trainer at Crescent. This year Keandra won the Grade 12 Athletics Sports Medicine Trainer of the Year (2021-2022) Award and the Sheila Iversen Athletic Training Award.


One of Keandra’s best memories about TOPP KIDS was being a Junior-Leader and going on the Leadership Camp. Keandra said she learned how to step outside her comfort zone and how to be a supportive role model for everyone/be part of the team. People find that Keandra is the type of person who is always wanting to have a fun day where everyone leaves with a smile on their face and incredible memories to share with others. Keandra loves taking kids to the park to play new games and making friendship bracelets.


Keandra is now excited to start a new chapter here at TOPP KIDS. “I always looked up to the leaders growing up and now I get to be one. It’s a dream come true!” Keandra’s #1 goal is to have a lot of laughter everyday and to help children step out of their comfort zones and try something new in a safe and creative environment.