Mackenzie loves spend her time outside work baking and being creative, whether it’s painting or drawing or even changing up some ingredients in a recipe to make something new. She is very passionate about working with children and has been working with them for 8/9 years. She is also very active in volunteering with Girl Guides and has been a member for 17 going on 18 years. She spent 13 of those as a girl member gaining lots of experience working with younger members and getting the opportunity to travel. She will be starting for 5th year as an adult member and has the privilege of being involved in two units in her community and she is also a very active member in the rest of my district helping whoever needs support at camps or just even their regular meetings. She has spent countless hours planning and making their weekly meetings full of new and fun activities. She hopes to do the same with your kids and is very excited to teach them and have them teach her new things every day!