Shannon has always been surrounded with children. Whether it was her five biological children or the neighbourhood children, she is most comfortable in the swarm of children. She loves all ages and stages of development. With her level one, she has worked at the local preschool for the last 10 years. During the COVID 19 lock down, Shannon trained to be a postpartum doula. She is excited to try her hand at the school age care. She loves to be goofy and carefree and is excited to be “one of the kids”. She loves the “light-bulb” moments children have when something clicks in their brains and they understand what you are trying to teach them. In her spare time, Shannon collects hobbies. She has done everything from all types of painting, to all types of needlework and all the way to some woodworking and gardening. There isn’t anything she isn’t willing to try at least once.