The Alberta Family and Social Services Day Care Subsidy is available to parents who need assistance to help cover the fees for child care. Forms for the subsidy are available at . Once a subsidy has been granted families will receive a Subsidy Approval Letter, a copy of which should be emailed to, as soon as it is received. TOPP KIDS does NOT get this information sent to us by the government and relies on families to provide this information before the first billing date to ensure fees are debited accordingly.


All families with subsidies must provide postdated cheques or PAD approval for the difference between the currently approved subsidy allowance and the cost of their fee for each month registered. Any remaining fees will be charged on the 15th of the following month after subsidy amounts are forwarded back to the program. Parents are responsible for paying any remaining fees by the following Friday of that month.


  • Subsidy Approvals at Registration:
    If we are not provided with a full subsidy approval or your full approval is not shown on the claims site by your chosen monthly deposit date, the full fee will be charged for the first month. Please send all approvals to and they will be added to your account. Monthly subsidy claims are submitted to subsidy at the beginning of the following month, once we receive any subsidy amounts for the previous month, we will issue any credits to your account/notices of amounts owing, if applicable.

It is the parent’s responsibility to track and ensure their child reaches the minimum number of hours per month needed for a full subsidy payment as every family may be different.



To learn more about subsidies click HERE