Meet Our Family

We pride ourselves in having a committed team of caregivers who create a stable, nurturing environment for the children in our care.

Our experienced staff are experts in providing care that helps deliver a hands on, involved learning experiences through play.

Our site staff include registered Early Childhood Education teachers, and teachers with Bachelor of Education degrees, as well as qualified Education Assistants and other highly experienced individuals. We ensure that the people we hire are TOPP KIDS material; we do thorough police reference checks and continue to provide the latest training. We consider our team to be our “Family Members”.

All staff are active in professional development and in pursuing personal growth through continued workshops and courses. In addition, our Active Play Coordinators are certified through HIGH FIVE in Principles of Healthy Child Development. You will have an opportunity to meet our staff on your tour.

Our program directors are specifically chosen for their experience/ expertise and passion for providing the highest quality childcare available. They are always happy to help parents with any questions, concerns and to provide a smooth transition for children entering our program along with ongoing individual updates for parents.

Professional and passionate staff are key to our high quality program delivery. TOPP KIDS complies with the standards of Calgary and Area Child and Family Services Authority when appointing staff and meeting staff to child ratios.

Coordinators have undergone the following:

  • A successful Police Check with Vulnerable Sector Search.
  • A successful Child Intervention Check
  • Child Care First Aid Training
  • Minimum of Early Childhood Education Assistant Certificate
  • Continuous seminars and training hosted by the Alberta Resource Center for Quality Enhancement and ELCC & Community Development.
  • An intense 30 day hands-on training program
  • Continual growth through the TOPP KIDS Support System

All staff have appropriate qualifications as required by legislation and undergo regular internal training and development.

Bayside School

Stacy Thorne

Program Coordinator

My husband and I moved to Canada in 2012. We have spent the last 10 years making Calgary our home. I come from a background of working in the mental health industry, and have over 14 years of experience in that field. I am excited to be part of the team here at TOPP KIDS Leading our Bayside School Location.

I have two very active sons, and a dog named Fudge.

Prince of Wales School

Jesse Topp

Facilities Manager & Active Play Coordinator

Jesse is a true educator and shaper of young minds. After completing his Early Childhood Education, Jesse had started working with school-age children and never looked back. For almost 15 years his focus is to develop young minds, provide structure, and inspire children to new possibilities every day. A big fan of physical literacy and loose parts play, Jesse also holds the role of Facilities Manager at TOPP KIDS as well as heads our OHS board and is also a Co-Founder of TOPP KIDS.

Amanda Psiloyenis

Program Coordinator

Amanda is a mother of three teenage girls and has somehow ended up with three cats as well. A lover of animals; she would have a whole farm full of them if she could. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood from Ryerson University in Toronto. Since then, she has lived in New Brunswick before coming to Alberta and continues to grow her professional development. Amanda believes that “it takes a village” and is honored to be a part of that village for the families that she serves. It’s about the love of learning, and curiosity and she gets to be a part of that experience. She loves to chat so please don’t be shy! She revels in the personal reward when every family leaves happy.

Maggie MacKay

Active Play Coordinator

Hello families!

My name is Maggie! I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Child Studies program, majoring in early childhood education at Mount Royal University. I have my level 2 childcare certification, and I am working towards my level 3. I have been working as an early childhood educator for 3 years, with children ranging in age from 10 months-12 years. I completed my practicum at TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs, and I am now joining the team as an Active Play Coordinator. I am thrilled to continue growing with the TOPP KIDS community. I cannot wait to share my passion for learning and children with everyone here. Apart from work, I also love to hike with my dogs, go to the gym and play board games. I would like to take the chance to thank everyone for this opportunity, and I look forward to my time here!

"Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul."

-Friedrich Froebel

Blessing Okoroma

Active Play Coordinator

"Blessing has lived all her life in Nigeria and moved to Calgary in late December of 2021. She studied Law and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2018. Despite her legal background, Blessing demonstrates passion and versed experience with children of different ages and backgrounds, having worked in her church's children unit, daycare centers, summer camps, and private homes. She seeks to take this passion to a higher level by pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education. Blessing loves to have fun with children, colleagues, friends, and family!"

Alissa Kosteriva

Room Lead

Bio Coming Soon!

St.Philip Fine Arts School

Lainey Lebo

Program Coordinator

Lainey is only beginning her journey in early learning and childcare, but ever since she was a young teenager, she has felt a connection to children and a desire to be a role model to young girls and boys. She finds so much fulfilment in providing children with love, support, and encouragement, as well as being a positive influence for the children in my care. "I could not imagine loving a job more than I love working at TOPP KIDS".

She is currently a 4th-year dance major at the University of Calgary. Soon she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. Lainey hopes to one day become a professional choreographer and incorporate her love of guiding children into her career as well.

She has been working with children in a before and after school setting for 5 years, and have been a member of the TOPP KIDS family for three of those five. She also began teaching dance to children at the age of 14 and believes that this integration of her passion for dance and my passion for inspiring and caring for children really allowed her to develop an interest in both.

"I plan to choreograph and dance professionally for as long as I can after graduating with my Bachelor of Arts. My favorite thing about working with children is the chance to be a positive role model to kids. I truly think of my job as such an important responsibility - if I am able to be a role model to children, I am committed to being the most positive role model that I can be".

Kristin Klassen

Active Play Coordinator

Kristin was born and raised in Calgary. She graduated from Bow Valley College with her Child Development Supervisor certification. In 5 years she hopes to be in a leadership position. Kristin is most passionate about working with children because every day is different and watching them achieve their developmental milestones is amazing.

Sydney Winsnes

Active Play Coordinator

Sydney grew up in Red Deer and has recently moved to Calgary to begin working in the Child Care industry, with the desire to become a Paediatric Nurse. She has a passion for creativity and a connection to children through play. Sydney has coached many sports teams and has been highly involved in athletic programs all her life. Her love for kids comes from her interest in learning the way they learn and seeing the world from a child's open-minded point of view. Sydney loves to laugh and smile with the children every day and brings a positive energy to the TOPP KIDS program to share with all the children.

Miranda Mills

Active Play Coordinator

Miranda has been working and volunteering with kids in a few settings since 2015. She started off falling into teaching piano for the woman who had taught her piano for years and it continued from there. Because of that experience, Miranda decided that she wanted to work with the kids and not in a lab like she had previously thought after finishing her biology degree at the University of Calgary. So she began her degree in Education, specializing in Elementary French. Miranda taught grade 2 French Immersion and decided to seek a different environment as an educator.

Gabby Hargrave

Active Play

Gabby was born in a small town in Alberta, called Three Hills. She has lived in various places in her life, most recently Calgary!

She has dramatic arts experience from a young age, through high school and into her years spent at the University of Lethbridge. Gabby is currently taking the Early Childhood Education program at Lethbridge College. Gabby has a huge passion for drama and music - specifically singing. She has a very fun and outgoing personality and loves to join in with the kids as they enjoy playing their games and doing activities!

Gabby loves creating long-lasting meaningful relationships with all!

Maddie Iozzi

Room Lead

Maddie moved from Toronto, Ontario. In Ontario she taught Health and Physical Education to students from Kindergarten to grade 3. She is an expert at adapting and modifying the curriculum for students with and without disabilities by providing meaningful experiences making all students successful. Maddie has obtained her undergraduate degree in Health and Physical Education and her teaching degree from Syracuse University where she was also a member of the Division 1 NCAA soccer team for 4 years. Along with completing her graduate studies in Adapted Physical Education at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Maddie has a strong growth mindset and loves to face challenges with determination and persistence. She is passionate about making each child feel important, valued, respected, and loved. 

Cindy Davie

Active Play Coordinator

Bio Coming Soon!

Dejing Wu

Active Play Coordinator

Hello, my name is Dejing Wu, but most people call me Crystal. I moved from China to Canada with my family in 2013. I worked as a Chinese teacher at The Chinese Academy for the first 3 years. Since then, my love for childcare and being an educator has led me to pursue opportunities in this field. I have obtained my Early Learning & Child Care Diploma from Bow Valley College in 2017. I love working with children and doing activities with them. My goal for the years to come is to make sure the children have fun every day and gain more experience working with school-aged children.

Coventry Hills School

Emily James

Program Coordinator

Emily has always known that she wanted a career that would make a difference, whether big or small. Upon graduating with a Human Services Diploma and gaining a year of experience working with children, she knew this was the field she belonged in. Allowing children to feel that they belong to something bigger than just school and home is invaluable to her, and she intends to give every child the confidence and skills needed to grow into successful adults who are happy and able to take on the world.

"I have never loved going to work more than I do now at TOPP KIDS, and I hope I am able to reflect that to both the children and their families at Coventry Hills School"!

Kristy Stewart

Kristy has been working with children for over 20 years. She is a mother of 5 and ran a day home when she first started having children. Then, Kristy began teaching cooking classes for kids at a company her friend had started. She became an educational assistant for preschoolers with exceptional needs, which she loved doing for many years. Kristy also taught preschool for a short time before joining the TOPP KIDS family.

Amy Vila

Room Lead

Amy has been in Calgary a little less than 10 years now. Her family first moved to Windsor Ontario from Albania in 2001. She began working with TOPP KIDS at the beginning of 2019 and is currently in the Early Learning and Childcare program at Bow Valley College. "I'm hoping to inspire children every day to be the best version of themselves. She is looking forward to finishing school in December of 2020. When Amy is not working with children, she loves to travel and try new foods.

Urvashi Baloria

Active Play Coordinator

Urvashi spent her childhood in Dharamshala, a small town in northern India. Dharamshala is one of the tourist destinations in India due to it's picturesque and scenic beauty. Dharamshala has mountains and valleys which makes it an attraction for many around the world. Both of Urvashi's parents were teachers and she was inspired by them to become an educator. She completed her Bachelor of Science in 2002 as well as her Masters in Chemistry in 2006 and pursued her Bachelor of Education to become a qualified science teacher. When she moved to Canada, she spent time with her young children before continuing her career as an educator.

Urvashi is looking forward to building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with students, teachers, parents, and all other members of the school community.

Amanda Ip

Active Play Coordinator

Amanda has a background in graphic design where she played and created alone for many years but she is excited to pursue her second passion of working with children. She loves the joy and innocence that children bring to our future. "I am more than ready to get my hands dirty to share the fun and laughter of creativity with each and every one of you!"

Maple Ridge School

Kayla Martin

Program Coordinator

Kayla's passion has always been teaching and shaping the minds of children. She makes it her priority to ensure every child’s individual needs are met and understands that each child is unique. One of Kayla's main goals is to create a sense of community in every program she is a part of, she is a strong believer in creating those meaningful relationships with everyone around her. Kayla has over 8 years of experience in various childcare settings and since completing her Early Learning and Child Care Diploma in 2016 she has continued to expand her knowledge through various workshops and courses.

Arshpreet Kaur

KindiClub Room Lead

Her love for kids has led her to complete a Child and Youth Care Diploma from Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alberta. Her time working with children until this point has been a wonderful experience, providing her with great happiness and satisfaction. Ashpreet's goal is to continue growing in this field and give her best service to the children she meets at TOPP KIDS.


Breanne Morgan

Room Lead

Breanne grew up in a small town in Manitoba called Minnedosa. It was there that she found a love for sports and being physically active. She started to coach youth rugby and soccer programs in her community. "This inspired me to be more involved within my community and gave me a passion for working with children". Breanne then moved to Calgary in 2012 to begin her studies at the University of Calgary, and to pursue her dream to play rugby at the post-secondary level. She will be graduating with a BKin in June 2020. "I plan to take time to travel before enrolling in Education to become a physical education teacher".

Andrea Prefontaine

Active Play

I have been working with children in many different aspects for about 4 years and love every minute of it. Some of my favorite pass times are hiking, listening to music, and watching movies. I have a dog named Cookie and we love to do lots of outdoor activities together! I currently am in college looking to further my education in early learning and childcare and am so happy to continue working with school-aged children. I grew up in Red Deer, AB, and recently moved to Calgary to begin the next chapter in my life and couldn't be happier.

Kelsey Tavares

Active Play

I was born and raised in High River and have recently moved to the big city! Although I am new to the childcare field, I am eager to learn. I bring a fun, energetic, and quirky energy wherever I go and cannot wait to be inspired by co-workers and kids! In my free time, I like to surround myself with family, friends, and my cat, George! I enjoy spending time outdoors and exploring new areas, especially in the mountains!

Matthew Torres

Active Play Coordinator

Matthew's passion for childcare came forth when he spent time as a member of a youth organization in a local church. Matthew has continued working with this organization 5 years later as a head youth coordinator. Matthew is a graduate of the Health and Physical Education program at MRU. Matthew thrives in creating fun, exciting and engaging experiences for those he works with. Watching children grow and develop is something he truly enjoys. In his free time, Matthew enjoys playing basketball, spending time with family and most recently PC building.

Kriti Vaidya

Active Play Coordinator

Kriti has always desired to pursue a career in teaching and shaping the minds of children. Her experience working with children from kindergarten to teen years has been a wonderful experience, providing her with great happiness and satisfaction. She pushes herself to ensure every child’s individual needs are met and the brains are built to support the uniqueness of each individual child. Because of her more than 10 years of global experience, Kriti is keen to create a sense of community in every program she is a part of, and to establish a direct impact and be a positive role-model. She loves painting, dancing, quilting, calligraphy, so on… and enjoys outdoor activities too.

Stacey Burridge

Room Lead

I am returning to TOPP KIDS after a hiatus and am SO happy to be coming home! I have worked with families, children, and youth for my entire working life since I was 16. I adore watching children learn on their own terms and absolutely love it when you can see something click in their brains. The infinite potential and capacity in children are what draws me to them again and again.

Evergreen School

Sarah Klein

Program Coordinator

Sarah has loved working with children since a very young age and after high school, she took her personal experiences of being in childcare and moved into an educational setting. Her passion for children pushes her to ensure no child’s voice goes unheard. “I want every child to be able to speak their voice and have numerous opportunities to develop into their own unique individuals, so in the future they can overcome any obstacles they need to!"

As well as a Certified and Registered Emergency Medical Responder, Sarah is currently a student at Bow Valley College, studying Early Childhood Education and Development, with the possibility of pursuing a Bachelor of Education in the near future.

In her spare time, Sarah can be found spending as much time as possible outside!  She enjoys camping, hiking, snowboarding, travelling, volleyball, and playing the piano! I am extremely excited to share my love of the outdoors and the importance of exploring nature with the children from TOPP KIDS!

Megan Barrow

KindiClub Room Lead

Megan started with TOPP KIDS as a practicum student in 2018. This program has helped her complete her ELCC Diploma by providing highly influential mentors and environment. She has developed and presented a workshop on positive behavior guidance, which she believes is the keystone to being a great mentor. She sets monthly personal and professional goals and attends workshops, to stay abreast of the latest research regarding school-age children.  Through this line of work, she has discovered her natural affinity for nurturing and educating. She recently embarked on a new adventure at the University of Calgary and is studying through the Wurklund School of Education and hopes to teach in a formal classroom setting one day. Megan hopes to transform the lives of many through positive role-modeling, meaningful relationships, and best practices.

Michelle Herrmann

Active Play Coordinator

Michelle has been working with children from 3 months to 12 years old for almost 30 years! She has a vast experience in different education settings, in addition to staying at home for 10 years to raise her two boys, both of whom are both teenagers now. Over the years she has taken many course around child development and strives to continue learning as she believes it is life long. "I feel like I am a kid inside and refused to grow up". Michelle is an advocate for children, helping to empower them to share their voice.

Janina Guerra

Active Play Coordinator

Jania is super excited to be a part of the TOPP KIDS team! She recently graduated from the University of Alberta completing a Bachelor of Science. Jania always loved working with children and started with tutoring then moved on to summer camps, and now out of school clubs!

Kyla Taylor

Room Lead

I am a mom of two beautiful souls and a social worker with a passion to inspire and encourage others to develop into the best versions of themselves through learning, art, active play, and other various activities. I always look forward to making experiences within the program as fun and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.

Joon Young Lee

Active Play Coordinator

I was born in  South Korea and in my family, we had three boys and we always played outside together. That is why I became very active, energetic, and athletic. Not having had digital gadgets at that time, I had a lot of time to play with peers outdoors and on the playground. This provided me with the opportunity to develop social skills.

Following in my father's footsteps, I studied civil engineering. After graduation, I came to Canada to improve my English and it did not take much time to fall in love with Canada because of its cultural diversity. It was a great benefit for me to experience various cultures in one country. Although I majored in engineering, I was always interested in early childhood education. That is because I wanted to make a contribution to our society by helping children become responsible adults. So I studied Early Child Education in Toronto and completed the course in 2016. My goal is to introduce various cultures to children, support their development, and positively guide their behaviors. In addition, maintaining a safe and healthy environment will be my top priority. Finally, every child has different needs and it will be my responsibility to meet their needs.

Michelle Botero

Active Play Coordinator

My name is Michelle Botero, and I am studying Child Studies at Mount Royal University. I found my passion for working with children in Peru two years ago. I realize that children need an educator to guide them to develop their abilities in life, and I desire to help children build a strong foundation for their future. As I work with children, I know that they will also help me be a better person because they see the world differently. My goal is to improve my knowledge as an educator and build relationships with families and their children.

Makayla Lemus

Active Play Coordinator

Hi there! My name is Makayla! I am a second-year student at Mount Royal University and I actually got to know the wonderful staff and students at the Evergreen location through my practicum. Going in I was pretty shy and quiet, but over my time here and the more I have gotten to know everyone the more comfortable I have gotten and the better relationships I have formed! Since I was little I have been taking care of my younger cousins and working with younger kids in school, I have always had a passion for helping others. I love working with kids, especially because of their energy, their humor, and their unique perspective of the world.

Caitlyn Stebenne

Active Play Coordinator

Caitlyn is a passionate Educator currently in school for Child and Youth Care and plans to get her Social Work Degree in the near future.

When I am not in school or at work I am with my puppies playing and cuddling.

Copperfield School

Ashley Fox

Program Coordinator

Ashley has been an early childhood educator for over 10 years, completing her studies through the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook BC. Ashley had worked with children 0 -5 years old for five years before moving to Calgary to become a Nanny. For the last five years this was her journey until she joining the TOPP KIDS family.

In her spare time, Ashley loves to read comic books and finding collectibles. Reading is truly a passion and she enjoys watching Hockey and cheering for her favorite New York Rangers. She also loves crocheting and making blankets.

Joon Kim

Active Play Coordinator

Joon is a man of many talents! Originally studied Land Registry and Automotive service at college before becoming a police officer and later, a detective in Korea. After arriving in Canada, Joon decided to change his direction, graduating in Early Learning Child Care at Bow Valley College February 2016 with his ELCC CDS certificate.

“I would like to be a professional who can enhance children’s various developments and have great relationships between children’s family and coworkers.”

Joon has also been a Junior Golf Instructor and swim instructor. He also loves Motor Racing and Automotive Service Engineering sports, music, and arts.

Clarisse Jane Guinsatao

Active Play Coordinator

Hi, my name is Clarisse and I am super excited to be apart of the TOPP KIDS team! I have my Early Childhood Assistant Certificate and been working with children for 4  years. I completed my Bachelor of Arts last year but have returned to complete a  second degree in Elementary Education. I am extremely passionate about growth and learning, especially with children. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, hiking, baking,  singing, and playing the guitar.

Andrea Timmoms

Room Lead

I was born in Grande Prairie, but have been living in Calgary since I was one. I graduated from Bow Valley College with my Early Learning and Childhood in 2012 and have been working with children ever since. For 26 years I was a Ukrainian dancer/instructor and for 13 of those years was a part of a performance group called Suzirya which gave me many opportunities to perform and travel the world.


When I m not working, I enjoy creating art such as drawing and painting doing crafts spending time with my family and friends, going on walks, and playing board games.

Leah Davenport

Active Play

I have been around kids my whole life as my mom ran a day home for years. This stepped me in a direction to have a passion to pursue my career working with children! In 2017 I got my Childcare Development Assistant certificate and pursued my dream of working with children! I plan on going back to school to complete my other two levels of education and then well onto my bachelor’s degree!

Sarah Gunson

Active Play Coordinator

Hello, my name is Sarah and I recently moved back home to Calgary after spending seven years in Toronto, ON. I attended York University in Toronto and obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and hope to return back one day to school to either obtain my teaching degree or to become a speech therapist... I am a very indecisive person, and it might take a few years to figure this out! In my free time, you can catch me at the gym lifting some weights or hiking a mountain with a group of friends! My biggest goal for the year is to hopefully be a new mom to a golden retriever puppy!

Holy Child School

Paisley Evans

KindiClub Room Lead

Hello everyone! My name is Paisley Evans. I am a student at Mount Royal University in the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. I am also a new member of the amazing team at TOPP KIDS as an active play coordinator! Since I can remember, I have always had a passion for teaching the younger generation, empowering them to be themselves, and fill the world with kindness. I believe that as we empower one another to spread kindness in our world, we will live in a much happier place. I admire teaching in a hands-on environment and exploring our world alongside their lively minds. Young children bring so much joy to my life! I am so excited to meet the children and families that are a part of the program and have fun learning experiences with one another!

Leah Davenport

Active Play

I have been around kids my whole life as my mom ran a day home for years. This stepped me in a direction to have a passion to pursue my career working with children! In 2017 I got my Childcare Development Assistant certificate and pursued my dream of working with children! I plan on going back to school to complete my other two levels of education and then well onto my bachelor’s degree!

Sun Hye Lee

Active Play Coordinator

Hello everyone,

I am Sun. I am so excited to join the team at TOPP KIDS and get to know everyone.

I have worked with children in Calgary for about ten years. I enjoy working with children and watching how they learn and grow. I truly think that I am learning from them as much as they are from me.

When I am not working, I like going for walks, reading, and watching movies.

I look forward to a wonderful year!

Taylor Blake

Active Play Coordinator

My name is Taylor Blake and I am very excited to be a part of the team! I have a passion for working with children and it has led me to pursue a career in Education. I recently graduated with a degree in Sociology, and I am currently enrolled in the Education program at the University of Regina, graduating in Fall 2022. I have 4 years’ experience working in the childcare field and find it a very rewarding career. In my spare time, I love building puzzles, spending time with my family, and walking my dogs. I look forward to continuing to grow with TOPP KIDS!

Carolina Montana

Program Coordinator

Carolina is a certified Child Development Supervisor and holds her diploma in Early Childhood Education as well as an Infant and Toddler certificate from Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC. She also has her diploma in Interior Design from Vancouver College of Art & Design. Carolina has been working in the ECE field for more than 7 years, giving her experience with multiple age groups. She has previously worked as Room Lead educator with centers in both Vancouver and Calgary.  Originally from Colombia, Carolina moved to Canada 12 years ago and has loved it ever since. She enjoys working with children and connecting with them in meaningful ways. Their creativity, imaginations, and complex personalities are what keep her passionate and motivated in her work. Outside of work, Carolina enjoys horseback riding, dancing, cycling, hiking, and interior design.

Anthony Speta

Active Play Coordinator

I am a graduate of Mount Royal University where I majored in Psychology. I hope to one day continue my education and become a counseling psychologist.

I have always had a passion for seeing children and youth develop into their full potential and being a part of that development process means a lot to me. In my free time, I enjoy playing games with my friends, volunteering at my church, and watching hockey with my dad.

Mequin Watson

Active Play Coordinator


My name is Mequin Watson, I have been living in Calgary for three years. However, I am from the Ochapowace First Nation located in Saskatchewan. I have a beautiful daughter and I am happily engaged.


I graduated and received my diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2019 with Saskatchewan polytechnic. I am currently studying in the Bachelor of Child Studies program at Mount Royal University here in Calgary.


My passion is working with children of all age groups, I love learning alongside the children and helping children grow in all areas of development. Being an educator is the most fun and rewarding part of my career.


I am very excited to meet and get to know each child and family in the program!

McKenzie Lake School

Girlie Sumaoang

Kindi Room Lead

A teacher’s heart that loves making a child’s life bright. Girlie has always known what she wanted: to be a teacher. Girlie has spent her whole life staying in school since she was three years old. She decided to take Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English after she graduated from High School. Her burning desire and passion to touch the lives of children lead her into enrolling to her second degree: Bachelor in Elementary Education Major in preschool education with special Education Units. Children have a soft spot in Girlie’s heart, and this is why her goal is to be a great mentor as she works to make a difference in their lives.

Debbie Klein

Active Play Coordinator

Debbie moved around quite a bit as a child, but moved to Calgary in 1990 to grow her family. She began working with children after raising seven of her own. With over a decade of experience with school-aged care, Debbie strives for each child to discover their strengths, interests, and at times challenge themselves! "I want all children at TOPP KIDS to feel confident, safe, and loved." Debbie is very excited to continue her learning alongside the children at TOPP KIDS.

Megan Wood - Active Play Coordinator

I am a fun, loving, and passionate person who has worked with children for over 6 years! I have worked in a preschool, a summer camp, an elementary school, and homes. I also have been working with children with special needs for 6 years in the form of respite and private tutoring. I am the type of person who strives to work hard and have fun. I absolutely love working with children and it brings me happiness 24/7! I am super excited to start my journey at TOPP KIDS and I can't wait to meet everyone.

Amy Pearson

Active Play Coordinator

I am a recent graduate of the Child and Youth Care Program from Lethbridge College, and I am very excited to be back in Calgary following my passion for working with kids and families! For 14 years of my life, I have played the sport of Ringette all around the city and I have been involved with younger teams and players helping them grow their knowledge and love for the sport. When working with children my main priority is to develop a strong and trusting relationship with them; not only is it better for the teaching and educational side of things, but it’s more fun for the kids and myself when we can just be ourselves!

Ashwaq (Ash) Elrafie

Room Lead

I was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, and moved to Chestermere, Alberta with my family when I was 17. I obtained my Childcare Assistant Certification in 2019 and have been working in Childcare for the past 2 Years but have had a passion for Childcare and Early Childhood Education since I was 16.

Lynleigh Keat

Program Coordinator

Lynleigh is a passionate advocate in the field of Early Childhood Education. She first started in the field as an ECE diploma graduate in Peterborough, Ontario and has since completed her Bachelor of Child Studies in Early Learning and Child Care at MRU. With over ten years of experience working with children, families, and communities, Lynleigh is committed to creating early learning environments that communities can thrive in. Her personal philosophy and image of the child is deeply rooted in the time spent outdoors and open-ended materials that promote inquiry and free thought. She believes that children are competent, capable, inquisitive explorers of the world and her role in their journey is to offer the time and space to wander and explore alongside them. It is a joy and an honour to experience the world through the eyes of a child and it is a privilege Lynleigh does not take lightly. In her free time, Lynleigh enjoys singing and listening to folk music and musical soundtracks, karaoke, camping, biking, hiking, watercolour painting and watching movies.

Mandi Paradis

Active Play Coordinator

Hello Everyone! My name is Mandi, and I am a recent graduate from Bow Valley College with a certificate in Early Childhood Education and Development. I am currently enrolled in my second year of the ECE Diploma program. I have a strong passion for early literacy learning as I have a background in English Literature from Thompson Rivers University. I believe in the importance of active play with peers as it contributes to social-emotional learning, cognitive development, and physical literacy skills. In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, nature walks, spending time with my family and young daughter.

Linda Kissiedu

Active Play Coordinator

My name is Linda Kissiedu, I am a graduate of the Early Childhood Education and Development Studies program from Bow Valley College, and I am currently a student at the University of Athabasca studying my Bachelor of Professional Arts in Human Service. Working in this field has always been my passion due to the love, care, and support I have for children. So, with my intentions of acquiring more skills in order to be a positive professional educator, I look forward to creating play experiences in such a way that encourages and facilitate the overall growth and development of the children.

Support Team

Cody Topp

Co-Owner / CEO


Dream, Innovate, Grow & Celebrate

"I believe that every person has greatness within and can perform at an exceptional level once they understand how to self-manage their own performance and are given the right tools. My purpose is to help grow each and every industry professional and have them find their greatness within, so they can have a successful career and change lives while significantly contributing to the success of their company and community.

Owning and operating TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs for the last decade has given me the opportunity to personally work within the Early Learning Care sector, aligning myself with sector professionals, advocates and organizations. Through this involvement, I have found a way to create a new network for Early Learning professionals to gain the tools they need to find their greatness within. We have called our newest initiative ELCC & Community Development.

It is this experience coupled with my knowledge of service management, corporate training, business management, growth systems, and my own sector-specific professional development that allows me to provide a completely unique learning experience for all Early Learning professionals.

I am deeply passionate about delivering exceptional results for our industry, our professionals, their businesses, and the children they mentor. In the Early Learning community, I currently also sit as Chair on the SACDA Board, Chair the Alberta School Age Conference, and am the founder of the Lights on Afterschool Alberta initiative."

Our Operator, Cody took over TOPP KIDS in late 2012. He has been instrumental in every part of the program and its growth, helping develop and expand the group to what it is today. Cody brings with him a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, owning previous successful small businesses along with his background in Early Childhood Education, Hospitality Management and corporate training. As a father, and Afterschool Care advocate,  and committed child care provider, Cody is focused on making TOPP KIDS the highest quality childcare company in Alberta and an employer of choice for industry professionals as well as helping guide and create a new standard for School Age Care in Alberta.

Meghan Labossiere

Regional Manager

Meghan graduated from Mount Royal University in 2013, obtaining her Applied Bachelor of Child Studies Degree and Children’s Mental Health Certificate.  When she first graduated Meghan had no clear idea of exactly what she wanted to do or what direction she wanted to go in.  All she knew was that she had a passion for working with children and that she wanted to be able to make a difference in children’s lives, to be a role model and mentor to them while still having a ton of fun! Meghan says she is happy to have found TOPP KIDS, where she is able to fulfil what she has always wanted to do. "This year will be my sixth year at TOPP KIDS and I continue to see myself grow and learn along with the company, children and families. TOPP KIDS feels like family to me and that’s all I hope for with anyone who walks through our doors"!

Chelsey MacLellan

Operations Manager - Maternity Leave

The first 12 years of a child’s life are foundational in creating the morals, values, and self-esteem they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Providing a safe creative and nurturing environment for children to explore, create and discover who they are and who they long to become has always been my passion. We are all a hidden treasure longing to be known and every child deserves to be seen that way and be appreciated and loved for exactly who they are. It is Chelsey's life mission to allow exactly that.

She began her journey with children working youth summer camps where she learned a foundational relationship to learning through play, community, and nature. Chelsey then continued in an integrative environment for children with special needs where again a foundation of community and play was deeply rooted in the progress of each child and the community. Having a background in Montessori teaching where children are encouraged to learn through natural play and self-exploration, the deep need and importance of leadership and self-ignition became paramount for a child to truly understand and treasure who they are. After a foundation of learning with younger children, she came to love the passion and creativity school-age children have. The way they allow themselves to truly explore and allow their inner selves to blossom.

"I am proud to say I have committed the last 15 years to working with school age children and excited my journey has led me to work and lead with the children, families, and team at TOPP KIDS."

Karen Swanson

Regional Manager & Integration Coordinator

Karen has worked as a Early Childhood Educator for over 25 years. For 15 of those years she worked as the Childcare & Home Support Coordinator for a family resource center in central Alberta. Karen facilitated parenting programs, planned the children’s activities and implemented health and safety guidelines at the agency. After moving to Calgary, Karen provided care for her two granddaughters and operated her own day home. She joined the TOPP KIDS team in June 2012, bringing so much knowledge and experience. Karen has a true passion for providing quality care for children of all ages and is a born leader.

Christie Scarlett

Regional Manager & Professional Development Coordinator

Christie Scarlett has been in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 24 years. Her passion for children's advocacy and leadership for EC Practitioners continues as she volunteers as a board director/treasurer for the National organization, the Canadian Child Care Federation for the past 4 years.  She has been honoured to work alongside children and families in a variety of capacities. More recently, she has had experience working closely with both front line and supervisory positions; developing a dynamic team of robust educators and has effectively hired and mentored supervisory level employees and executive members. In the past, Christie has taught many children’s programs, worked with pregnant and parenting young mothers, and was a family resource facilitator for child care programs. Christie is married with 2 beautiful daughters, whom she loves spending all her time outside of work with!

Courtney Smith

Regional Manager

Courtney has been working with children for over 10 years and has a distinct passion for providing children the best opportunities to thrive in their environment. Every child has a unique gift and profound potential for greatness. Children have the unique gift of teaching the ones around them through their life experiences, because of children Courtney has learned so much. “A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” ~ Paulo Coelho. It’s only her wish that she can do her part in providing children the best opportunities for growth, development, learning, joy and passion.

Courtney began her work with children in Toronto, Ontario as she worked in a before and after school program while attending college for early childhood development. Following school, she moved to British Columbia and later Saskatchewan working in the field of early learning with children ages 1-12. Courtney then moved to Calgary, Alberta where she went back to her passion of working in out of school care. Since living in Calgary, she has been the coordinator of several before and after schools as well as an early learning and childcare coach to educators in the field.

"I have had the distinct pleasure of been in the early learning and childcare field for many years, working with amazing children, families and co-workers that have shaped me as a person as well as my creative passion. It’s my overwhelming wish to give back to children and families by providing them support, devotion, hard work, encouragement and care. I am privileged to be working at Topp Kids Out of School Clubs and the wonderful children, families and teams that surround them."

Maria Topp

Accounts Manager

With a background in Business Administration Finance and a passion for bookkeeping, Maria has the skills and organization that make her the perfect Accounts Manager for TOPP KIDS. She is a super-mom to two handsome young boys constantly keeping her busy! She is passionate about the TOPP KIDS vision and its growth and is the backbone of support to her husband, Cody, our TOPP KIDS Owner and Operator.

Chef Chris

Head Chef - Mini Chef Program

Chef Chris is a very hands-on high positive energy Chef and Leader with a very diversified background in Hospitality, Culinary, and Food Service industries. He brings innovation and structure delivering a hallmark signature of passion and leadership to the TOPP KIDS team.

“I bring my culinary skills and experiences and my passion for healthy farm to table meals to TOPP KIDS to help inspire children to create spectacular foods and learn valuable life skills. My goal is to create a Mini Chefs program that every child at any skill level can enjoy and to make every session a memorable experience offering positive mentoring, developing personal growth"

Chef Chris has worked in many types of culinary atmospheres from fine dining to butchering, and in some amazing restaurants including the Bears Den, Chop, and the Metropolitan Grill to name a few. He has participated in many cooking shows and competitions including Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Show, Taste of Calgary, and was the assistant to Chef Keen – winning the Gold Medal Plate at Bocuse d’Or fundraising competition as well as previously being nominated for a White Hat Award!

We are always excited when we get to have Chef Chris with us at TOPP KIDS!

Claire Gipson

Office Manager

Claire has always known that childcare was the field she wanted to pursue in life; it’s not just a job to go to each morning, but her passion that is being fulfilled. She studied Child Care in Cambridge, United Kingdom, where she achieved her Foundation Degree in Early Childhood and her Bachelor of Honours in Early Child Care and Education. Not only does she have over 10 years’ experience working with children, but she also has 6 years of personal experience being a mum to her own children!

Every day is a chance to learn something new, and she looks forward to continuing her education with TOPP KIDS to develop her knowledge even further. Claire truly believes that a positive, friendly and loving environment where we can fully understand children as the individuals they are, allows them to grow into their unique personalities – being part of their lives and helping to influence their development fulfills her ambition.

Leslie Topp

Founder /Co-Owner

Founder of TOPP KIDS.

Having worked in Early Learning & Childcare for over 25 years, Leslie experienced firsthand the incredible effect of early academic exposure and the power of play, imagination, and natural exploration in young children.

In the years that followed, she worked to modify her own child developmental approach, one that would not impose on the child’s natural desire to explore, play, and learn by experimenting with the environment. She then came up with her Play, Grow, Laugh & Learn model.

In 2012, Leslie had unfortunately been diagnosed with Lupus and her son Cody stepped in to continue building on her dream.

Brittani Slocombe

Regional Manager

Brittani has worked with youth in community programming and education for more than 9 years, and first found her passion for working with children as a summer camp leader. Originally from southern Alberta, she grew up as a Canadian expat living abroad, and through her travels, learned the impact of a strong community and the importance of building relationships with peers, teachers, and coaches. Brittani values social and emotional development in early childhood and knows firsthand the significance of mentorship and the communities that are built for children outside of their school day through extracurriculars and out of school clubs. Brittani pursued her post-secondary studies in Montreal, Quebec, studying Secondary Education in Social Sciences at McGill University before returning to Calgary in 2018. Fostering leadership, agency, and impactful relationships with children and families is her passion at TOPP KIDS.