bbb spark award


BBB Spark Award

The BBB Spark Award, a business Integrity award for entrepreneurship, recognizes business owners 35 and under or business owners of any age operating for less than three years who demonstrate a higher level of character, generating a culture that is authentic about its mission and connects with the community. Cody Topp and TOPP KIDS were nominated in both 2022 and 2023, Winning the Award in 2023!


The M&A Today Awards- Best Children & Youth Life Enrichment Organization

the m&a today awards- best children & youth life enrichment organization

The M&A Today Awards strive to be the World’s most coveted and complete awards programs, taking votes from over 163 countries globally.


The awards are recognized as the only awards dedicated to excellence on a truly global basis.

By broadening the focus beyond advertising alone, the purpose of the Annual Awards is to lift the perception of creativity above clever headlines and provide the readership with a comprehensive understanding of those firms that are truly leaders within their chosen areas of specialization. The intellectual and emotional achievement of communication transcends the barriers of distance, language, and culture.

The Annual Awards programs extend over regional, national, and international boundaries, and reach out to the readers in an Empirical, impartial and comprehensive way.


KMH MEDIA – Global 100 Awards

kmh media – global 100 awards

The Global 100, consisting of only 100 of the World’s leading firms and individuals, with votes received from our global readers, in over 163 countries worldwide.

The purpose of the Global 100 is to provide the readership with a comprehensive understanding of those firms that are truly leaders within their chosen areas of specialization.


The Process;

The Global 100 does not follow the usual process followed by many other publishers. It follows a very specific, very comprehensive process, not commonly used elsewhere in the industry. Following the closure of the voting process, which follows a very strict format of self-submission and third-party nomination, firms are shortlisted and selected as winners, in this elite group as follows;

Assessment stage:

For each category awarded a proprietary method of analysis ranks winners based on their domestic and international work. This ranking method produces a list of shortlisted firms, based on a very comprehensive set of criteria.

Judging stage:

Once all votes have been received, an independent panel of judges review the votes within each category.

The judges will assess the following in their considerations:

The strategic nature of work conducted.

The complexity of work conducted.

The scale of work conducted.

Whether the work conducted was done so in a speedy manner, and within budget.

Any ground-breaking or innovative processes used during completion of conducted work.

The judges have been asked to focus strongly on the complexity and strategic significance of work conducted.

The above criteria underline’s the importance of the recognition each firm is receiving based on being recognized as a Global 100 winning firm.

In summary, the Global 100 program provides a benchmark of the very best of the best industry leaders, exemplary teams, and distinguished organizations.

It is a requirement for all our programs of recognition to receive no less than 21% in votes from the global readership, currently in excess of 293,000. This policy is applied to further endorse the worthiness of the awards presented and any marketing carried out as a result of the process.

Our recognition is as follows:

2020 – Best Children’s / Youth Life Enrichment Organization – Alberta, Canada

2021 – Best Children & Youth Life Enrichment Organization – Canada

2021 – Best Children & Youth Life Enrichment Organization – Canada

2022 – Best Children & Youth Life Enrichment Organization – Canada

2023 – Best Children & Youth Life Enrichment Organization – Canada

2024 – Best Children & Youth Life Enrichment Organization – Canada


Check out our latest Write up in the KMH Media Magazine HERE!


topchoice awards – calgary

TOP CHOICE Award for

Best Child Care Programs – Calgary

TOPP KIDS out of School Clubs / ELCC & Community Development are excited to announce that Calgary has voted us their TOP CHOICE for Best Child Care Programs!

This is an incredible achievement for us, and we would like to thank everyone that voted for us!

CV Canadian Buisness Awards

cv canadian buisness awards

TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs / ELCC & Community Development is proud to announce that we are the recipient of the CV Canadian Business Awards for the Best Children’s / Youth Life Enrichment Organization!

The Career Directory

the career directory

TOPP KIDS has been selected for The Career Directory, our guide to entry-level recruitment for recent college and university graduates.

AI Global Excellence Awards

ai global excellence awards

Global Excellence Awards

Most Outstanding Out of School Clubs Operator – Canada

The Global Excellence Awards are an annual program in which recipients are determined via a thorough process of research, analysis, shortlisting, and selection. This system is carried out in full by our own dedicated in-house team; we do not seek votes or input from either the nominated companies or third parties, instead opting to select awardees based on their hard work and notable achievements throughout the year.

Canadian Choice Award

canadian choice award

CCA celebrates the heart and soul of Canada’s business community. Every year, they shine a spotlight on the small and mid-sized businesses that drive our nation’s economy, foster innovation, and enrich our communities.

Their mission is to recognize and uplift these businesses, ensuring they receive the acknowledgment they deserve. We invite you to join us in celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of Canada.

Find More Info HERE

HIGH FIVE – The best way to play

high five – the best way to play

HIGH FIVE® is Canada’s quality standard for children’s programs. Before HIGH FIVE, no standard existed and there was a clear need for an innovative approach to help organizations enhance program quality and provide positive experiences for children, which would remain with them for a lifetime.


government of alberta children youth services

Information of Government services for families & children.

Family Support for Children with Disabilities

family support for children with disabilities

The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program provides a wide range of family-centred supports and services. Services are meant to help strengthen families’ ability to promote their child’s healthy development and encourage their child’s participation in activities at home and in the community. The FSCD program works in partnership with eligible families to provide supports and services based on each child and family’s individual assessed needs.


alberta resource centre for quality enhancement

A resource centre for parents and the child care industry.


alberta supports

Information and supports for social-based services offered by the government of Alberta.


calgary & area child and youth services

Information on local services for children, teens & parents.

What is Empowering Parents?
A company dedicated to empowering parents with the tools to manage the most challenging behavior problems in children ages 5 to 25.
Online Learning Programs
Self-guided online learning programs where our experts teach you how to regain control of your child, your family, and your life through effective and proven parenting techniques.
Online Parent Coaching
Parent coaches who work with you directly. Exchange unlimited messages and schedule phone calls with your personal parenting coach.
Hundreds of Free Articles
Hundreds of articles by our experts addressing all of your parenting questions. (And yes, our experts are parents too.)

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

calgary chamber of commerce

Our roots are deep which means our growth has no limits, and it is our job to nourish, power and inspire you and your business so you can nourish, power and inspire the world.

Creative Child Care Consulting

creative child care consulting

Inspired and inspiring training, coaching, and mentoring for the Early Learning and Out-of-School care community in Canada


better business bureau

A non-profit society of accredited, quality focused businesses across North America.


Variety – The Children’s Charity of Alberta

variety – the children’s charity of alberta

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Alberta supports children who are living with disabilities and specialized needs in our communities.

Through education, advocacy, direct support, and community outreach, we support children who are facing physical, developmental, emotional, or learning challenges and are dedicated to advancing the health, quality of life, and enrichment of children living with specialized requirements and needs.

The initiatives that we engage in support building inclusive and healthy communities for children living with specialized needs to gain greater independence and positive life experiences.

Vision: To enable all children living with specialized needs to be an active part of their community.

Mission: Through community initiatives, partnerships, and education, Variety Alberta enables inclusion, wellness, and independence for children who are facing physical, developmental, emotional, or learning challenges.

We believe that:

  • Barriers can be removed through education, increased awareness, and creating environments of acceptance, understanding, and celebration of differences.
  • Every child has the right to be safe, to be healthy, and to play so as to experience the simple pleasures of childhood.
  • We can have an inclusive and accessible Alberta for children who are living with disabilities and specialized needs.


TOPP KIDS has happily donated the team jerseys for the Volt Hokey program since 2023 and truly values the partnership between Variety and our organization. TOPP KIDS also partakes in Varieties PD opportunities for families and team members as well as their Sensory Backpack initiative at all our TK programs.

YYC Plays

yyc plays

YYC Plays is a group of organizations working together to show the impact play has on our city. They want to set Calgary up as a leader in how people play. Their goal is to show the value and importance of play, as well as increase play participation. TOPP KIDS Joined in 2018.

Calgary Sports & Entertainment Corporation

calgary sports & entertainment corporation

Our partnership allows our families to get access to exclusive discounted tickets and the opportunity to help sponsor and send other TOPP KIDS to games. See your latest newsletter for details.

YWCA – Mindful Moments

ywca – mindful moments

Mindful Moments provides the practical skills to help your child build stronger relationships and reduce family stress.

  • Learn how to calm big emotions
  • Learn coping skills for better family dynamics
    Mindful Moments provides the practical skills to help your child build stronger relationships and reduce family stress.

Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta

association of early childhood educators of alberta

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) is a non-profit, member-based society whose members comprise early childhood educators, out of school care staff, child care staff/contractors, post-secondary ELCC students and faculty members and other groups and individuals in Alberta who are supportive of the goals of the AECEA.

Child Care Now

child care now

Child Care Priorities

We know that access to good child care options gives parents and caregivers the flexibility to find good jobs, pursue an education and build a better life for their families. The right child care choice means peace of mind for parents… and a rich, safe experience for children, building the foundation for life-long learning.

Our federal, provincial and territorial governments have a responsibility to work together to ensure that child care is…


Every family in Canada, no matter where they live, deserves access to child care. And that applies to every child, whether their parents are employed, looking for a job, unable to work or studying. It applies regardless of a child’s language, culture or disabilities.

And governments shouldn’t just target child care services to vulnerable or low-income families. Children from all social and economic backgrounds should be entitled to participate and learn together.


Child care should be available at an affordable fee (or no fee) across our country. The existence of child care doesn’t mean anything if it’s priced out of a family’s reach. That’s especially important because child care can make all the difference in helping a family with young children rise out of poverty.


Families come in all shapes and sizes — and every child has their own unique strengths and challenges. Child care services must have the flexibility and resources to accommodate the diverse needs of children with physical or mental disabilities.

…and high-quality

Every child deserves the best start to their lives we can give them. Quality child care starts with highly-skilled staff, with only a few children for every adult. It means plenty of interesting, stimulating activities and materials — balanced with quiet play and rest time — all in a safe environment.

Quality child care means you know when you pick up your child at the end of the day, they’ll be happy, healthy and eager to share what they did (and learned!) today.

That’s Our Vision for Child Care

— in every community, in every province and territory, for every family that needs it.

Canadian Childcare Federation

canadian childcare federation

The Canadian Child Care Federation believes that high-quality child care is everyone’s responsibility, and makes for a better Canada. Well educated child care professionals are motivated to deliver quality early learning and child care with passion. Our ELCC workforce is essential to every child’s strong start.

School Age Care Directors Association of Alberta

school age care directors association of alberta

A non-profit society, primarily composed of owners and operators in the Calgary area.

SACDA’s mission is to provide school age care professionals with a province-wide network of community based support, and to advocate for greater availability of quality, affordable care in Alberta.


afterschool alliance

The Afterschool Alliance is working to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs. Afterschool programs are critical to children and families today, yet the need for programs is far from being met. Learn more



Providence provides therapeutic and educational services to children with disabilities.

We believe every child deserves a chance to reach for and achieve their full potential.


ab active afterschool

Alberta Active After School is a community of practice managed by a provincial committee of after-school leaders and open to all stakeholders working in this field. We are dedicated to supporting after-school programs in providing quality physical activity in the after-school time period through the implementation of the Provincial Activity Guidelines for After-School Programs in Alberta.



Find Child Care in Calgary. Access to Child Care at Your Fingertips!

We let you find real-time openings to full, part-time and drop-in care for your children.


parent link centre

Provides information and support for parents and caregivers about your child’s learning, development and health.


todays parent

A parenting magazine with information and resources for parents.


wellness empowerment program

A mental health project that has been working in Calgary schools and communities since 2008 who’s success coaches work with students, teachers, and parents to teach them about positive mental health. The coaches work in classrooms, consult with teachers and administration, run school-wide events for students, and also hold parent sessions. We offer workshops, information and resources to youth, school staff, and families.


calgary women’s immigrant association

CIWA is a   culturally diverse settlement agency that recognizes, responds to, and   focuses on the unique concerns and needs of immigrant and refugee   women, girls and their families.


developmental disabilities resource centre of calgary

The Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre of Calgary is a non-profit, registered, charitable organization that began in 1952. They offer programs, aides and resources for children and adults with disabilities, their friends and family, and other people in the community.

Firsts 2000 Days Early Childhood Development Network

firsts 2000 days early childhood development network

Information on the larger child care Community and Advocacy initiatives.


flight: play, participation, and possibilities curriculum framework

The New Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta.

IPA Canada- International Play Association

ipa canada- international play association

Information on our partnership with the larger child care Community and Advocacy initiatives.

Physical Health Education Canada

physical health education canada

Physical Health Education Canada is a resource for parents and TOPP KIDS’ new pilot program.

Alien Electrostatic

alien electrostatic

Schools, sports, and community groups face the unprecedented challenge of protecting
customers, members, and staff affordably, without disrupting normal operations.
Alien Electrostatic keeps people safe and doors open!

• Disinfectant particles are attracted to and adhere best to surfaces when electrically charged
• Charged disinfectant is distributed evenly and penetrates into fabrics and hard to reach places
• Quickest, most efficient way to thoroughly disinfect your premises – 360° coverage!
• Ordinary Cleaning only moves germs – disinfection KILLS them
• Used by major hotel chains, airlines, and other high volume businesses
• Our signature eco-friendly disinfectant, EFASCIDE, is government approved, effective, and safe

Visit their website HERE


autism calgary

Providing education and programs for families and staff who deal with autism in there lives and work.


sheldon kennedy centre

Empowering those who are impacted by child abuse to lead healthy and productive lives by creating a community that responds collectively to child abuse.


renfrew educational services

Renfrew Educational Services offers a broad range of specialized programs and is an acknowledged leader in program development for children with special needs.

Black Diamond Gallery

black diamond gallery

Blown away by some of the AMAZING pieces we have in our programs from the Black Diamond Gallery? Check them out here and make sure to ask for Samatha or Dustin!


engineering for kids

We put the excitement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education by offering hands-on learning for children ages 4 to 14 through FUN and challenging activities.


cara milne

Cara is the award winning author and owner of M-Powered Planning Ltd, a business that promotes positive and valuable roles for people with disabilities. The variety of workshops and seminars encourage staff and families to see the strengths of their existing services, and simple strategies that create positive changes in the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Cara’s positive and energetic approach supports both common sense and sustainable change.


dr. gale gorke

A dynamic speaker, trainer, and author, Gale is a veteran educator in the public school system for nearly 30 years. Specializing in both elementary and secondary levels, she has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, and administrators. In 2004 she created Kids Kan Inc., an international organization that specializes in curriculum design, staff development, activity selection, and program implementation.

Saddle City Comics

saddle city comics

Our partner in the Comic Literacy Project hosted here at TOPP KIDS. Unbelievable comic shop, family-friendly, and extremely knowledgeable! They support hundreds of Calgarian children through comic focused literacy programs with TOPP KIDS Out Of Scool Clubs, getting kids reading and introducing them to stories that will keep them reading for a lifetime! If you’re looking for a shop to support in Calgary, let them be the one!


purple gorilla comics

Purple Gorilla Comics has been providing all your comic book needs since 2008. Found at Crossroads Market, with approximately 40,000 comics in stock right now (with 60,000 more in storage!) and hundreds more arriving EVERY WEEK, Purple Gorilla Comics can help you find the comics you want!! With Alberta’s widest selection of genres, your sure to find what you are looking for- great for all ages! This is the perfect place to start any collection! TOPP KIDS gets all of our comics for our Comic Book Literacy Programs here! CHECK IT OUT!
Hours: Sat.-Sun. 9AM-5PM

SYSCO Canada

sysco canada

Chris Bean – Marketing Associate


Capital Packers & Rustic Ridge Meats

capital packers & rustic ridge meats

Nathan Mahon- Business Development Manager


BANNO Auto Repair Ltd.

banno auto repair ltd.

Dave Banno – Auto Guru



comrie’s sports equipment center

At Comrie’s we are breaking down the financial barriers between kids and sports. If your family is subsidized or has been qualified by some kind of agency as low income, then you are eligible to receive free equipment from Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank!

KEMICK & SONS – Fine Furniture and Commercial Projects

kemick & sons – fine furniture and commercial projects

Rick Kemic- Journeyman cabinetmaker

403.863.2225 or