Kindi-Care Club

Full-Time Kindergarten Programs

In addition to our regular before and after school programming, TOPP KIDS is excited to offer full-day kindergarten programs for students at our Maple Ridge Elementary, Evergreen Elementary, St. Philip F.A. Holy Child School, McKenzie Lake School, and Bayside School locations. Our kindergarten programs have created a curriculum that compliments what they’re learning in their classrooms, while still PLAYing, GROWing, LAUGHing, and LEARNing with weekly themes based on their interests.

Similarly to our Before and After School Programs, we provide structured activities that aim to engage children while teaching a variety of skills.


  • Provide structured activities that utilize an innovative S.T.R.E.A.M. approach (science, technology, reading and writing, engineering, arts, and math)
  • Integrate other types of play such as Loose Parts Play, which uses nature, recyclables, and loose parts to build and innovate
  • Build programming based around Artistic Expression -not just crafting but media development, dance, dramatic play, etc.
  • Promote literacy through projects like the Comic Book Project, where children have the chance to have their creations published
  • Build citizenship through community involvement, trips, and projects.
  • Promote the social-emotional literacy of our participants- teaching them skills to become more interceptive and mindful of their emotions and how to mediate them.
  • Follow the recommended daily physical activity guidelines, and provide active play activities that focus on physical literacy.
  • Provide additional support to those who have exceptional needs or need one on one mentoring to focus on their growth.
  • Build leadership, respect, inclusion, and responsibility through our Jr. Leaders Program
  • provide free play / clubs / social skill-building time.

Along with the planned and structured activities we offer, children are always welcome to make use of our large range of free-play equipment. We provide play spaces with toys for a wide variety of interests, construction materials, dramatic play area with props, board games, art programs and materials, science exploration materials, reading & music centers, quiet homework areas, and plenty of physical activity and games.



Before & After School Kindergarten Care

TOPP KIDS is also pleased to extend our affordable, quality Before and After School programs to children who are enrolled in Kindergarten at Prince of Wales, and Coventry Hills. At these locations, kindergarten children are integrated into the Before and After School program.

The Before School Program operates from 7:00 am and continues until the first school bell in the morning. Children participate in social activities and have time to enjoy a parent packed healthy breakfast or morning snack while onsite. The After School Program begins at the final school dismissal bell and continues until 6:00 pm.

Please note: TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs do not have access to the school facilities between the morning and afternoon dismissal bells and therefore cannot provide care during this time. Families of kindergarten students may only pick either a Before OR After School program as we cannot provide care in-between hours. Full daycare is only available on PD Days and during Spring Break.


Kindi-Care Club Curriculum

Our Kindergarten program’s focus is to embrace learning through everyday experiences by providing a holistic learning environment indoors and outdoors. The emphasis being on using the outdoor environment like a classroom in all weathers, to enhance exploration and social interactions to discover the world around them. We bring in basic life skills, such as hygiene and safety to start off our growth within the program. Each week will focus on a theme or a question deriving from the children’s current interests at the program and in their home environment. The program is flexible to adapt to children’s existing and emerging interests, we as educators provide a frame to discover, but the child will initiate, this provides collaboration between children, educators, and parents. Our Kindergarten program focuses on using more natural materials and loose parts to encourage and enhance our creativity, thought processes, and imagination in the learning environment, releasing our young engineering minds.

Our daily activities help us to learn new concepts in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) programming and we use group discussions to introduce and become familiar with new concepts before having the chance to dive in, get dirty and explore for ourselves. Whether we are exploring light and darkness, learning to appreciate and respect the natural world around us, or practicing the skills we need in life, TOPP KIDS believes in having FUN in everything we do.

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