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Enroll Your Child Today!

Enroll Your Child Today!

TOPP KIDS provides high quality Before & After School Care for elementary school aged children in kindergarten to grade 6. Programs are conveniently run on-site at your school, using a child-led kids club based approach and S.T.E.A.M based activity planning. Our environments are designed to make kids feel at home and continue to help them develop into responsible, community conscience young adults.
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Our Philosophy & Mission Statement

At TOPP KIDS Out of School Clubs we know each child is unique. There are 4 fundamentals that we both believe in and practice every day in everything we do: Play, Grow, Laugh & Learn.

We strive to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing and stimulating, where children learn and develop through play and exploration. The physical environment as well as an age-appropriate program plan is designed to meet the needs of children in all areas of development (social, physical, intellectual, cognitive and emotional). Individualized planning and supportive interactions between our staff and the children help us to create an atmosphere feel safe and encourage feelings of self-worth, creativity and leadership.

It is our mission to provide accessible, affordable & high quality child care programs and training to Albertan families & Early Childhood Educators.

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The Importance of Play in School Age Care

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