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Program Highlights

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Family Interaction

Families are an integral part of our program and are welcome to come in at any time and feel comfortable to join in on the fun, discuss their children’s progress, or even volunteer. Through out the year we host many opportunities for staff, parents and children to get together and interact like our holiday parties, career and cultural days or our year end BBQ. Ours is an inclusive program that caters to needs of families from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We acknowledge and respect the values and beliefs and the multicultural heritage of our society and strive to enrich our program by including diversity. Arts and Crafts, Meeting time, Group Games and Outdoor play are also an integral part of daily programming.


With today’s average working family, the need for convenient child care is growing. Having one, close to home drop off and pick up location was a key consideration for us in creating our business plan. The ease and convenience of no outside travel time to and from the program for the children is another huge advantage to having our centers based out of local schools.

Leadership Program

Our leadership program helps teach kids to feel comfortable in and addressing large groups of children. To  have others respond well to their suggestions and build interest in setting the direction or style of play for their peers is beneficial as they mature as leaders. We believe leadership in children can be nurtured and grown and in turn, build great amounts of self-respect and self-worth. We let everyone have a chance to lead for a day; they help plan the day and lead by example.

Center Features

Every one of our programs are organized into specific play centers. Example: Dramatic play, Housekeeping and Cooking, Blocks and Construction, Homework & Reading area (tutors available), Library, Arts and crafts, Music, Science centers, Puzzles and Manipulative toys, Board games and plenty of Active Play and Sports. Large outdoor play areas with parks are also attached to every center. Each program also boasts a maximum ratio of 1:12 Care giver /child ratio.

Building a Better Community

We feel that it is our social responsibility and mission to provide quality child care to the community at an affordable price. We focus on providing children with the necessary tools to become leaders in their communities, along with abolishing bullying in their environments. Being an integral part of the community is important to us as well, so TOPP KIDS Child Care Centres try to participate in local events and fundraisers whenever we can.