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Re-registration for existing families occurs every May for the following year.
Please contact your Program Coordinator for a Re-Registration Package and to review your information on file.

Re-Registration Fees

There is $50.00 a re-registration fee for existing families per year.





(New Registrations)



Click the link with your programs name below to access our online registration form.

Application forms must be filled out in their entirety and any non-applicable information is marked N/A.

PRINCE OF WALES SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care)

ST. PHILIP FINE ARTS SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care)

COVENTRY HILLS SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care)

MAPLE RIDGE SCHOOL (Kindergarten and Before & After Care) – WAITLISTED UNTIL 2021

EVERGREEN SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care)

COPPERFIELD SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care)

HOLY CHILD SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care)

McKENZIE LAKE SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care) <– Registration Open NOW!

NORTH HAVEN SCHOOL APPLICATION (Kindergarten and Before & After Care) <– Registration Open NOW!

If you are applying for Kindergarten care please visit our Kindi- Club page before you apply.




Once your online registration form is complete, the Program Coordinator for your chosen location will contact you within 2 business days. They will discuss space availability, waitlist procedures, and answer any questions you may have.

Wait-List FAQs
Locations & Contact Info



Once you have been accepted into your program, a confirmation email will be sent to you. It will contain your start date and our Consent Package. Packages must be submitted within 2 business days or your spot will be forfeited to the next family on our wait-list.

Completed packages can be dropped off to the program with post-dated cheques and a separate cheque for the registration fee. Cheques must be dated for the 1st or 15th of each month.

Follow the link for an example of how to properly complete your postdated cheques.

Instructions for Cheques

Registration Fees – $50 per family


If you are applying for a future school year or are still waiting for a spot to come available for this year, programs will contact everyone on our wait-list no later than May 30th to solidify arrangements for the following year.

If applying for a program that has not yet opened, a confirmation email will be sent to you notifying you of start dates and any further information no later than one calendar month before the program opens.


It is your responsibility to notify us of changes to your contact information or child care needs throughout the year.


CLICK HERE for more information on fees!


We are all very excited to meet you and can’t wait to start having fun!