Hello families! My name is Rena and I am from Italy.

I completed my first degree in Midwifery (2012) where I learned the art of bringing forth new souls into the embrace of humanity. Then I joined the International Association Of Infant Massage (IAIM) and worked with parents and toddlers to promote the development of cognitive, emotional, and .motor skills in kids and teach the importance of active listening and non-verbal communication.

In 2019 I graduated in Pharmacy and got the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with school students through Health & Prevention programs and group counseling. The children were encouraged to share fearlessly their problems, assume responsibility for their actions, and were persistently praised for each goal they achieved. Being outdoorsy, I have always aimed to enrich little ones’ exploration skills and nurture their social interactions by utilizing the outdoor environment as a year-round classroom and I firmly believe that by fostering the above-mentioned qualities, I can help every child to become, one day, a confident, compassionate, and responsible leader!