Stacy Thorne, alongside her husband, embarked on a life-changing journey when they moved to Canada in 2012, leaving behind their Welsh home. Over the past decade, they have lovingly made Calgary their new home, embracing the vibrant Canadian culture.

With a profound influence from her parents, both dedicated mental health nurses, Stacy has always been drawn to the mental health industry. Her extensive background in this field spans over 14 years, equipped with invaluable experience that has shaped her career. Stacy earned her Health and Social Care Level Two certification from City and Guilds, further solidifying her commitment to the well-being of others.

Stacy’s enthusiastic spirit shines brightly as she continues her role as the Program Coordinator at Bayside Topp Kids.

Her warmth and kindness are unparalleled, making everyone feel not just welcome, but genuinely cherished. Stacy is always ready to share a cup of tea and a heartwarming conversation with anyone in need. Outside of her professional life, Stacy is a dedicated mother to two vibrant and active sons who eagerly volunteer at the school. Her love extends to her two beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, named Fudge and Rolo, who bring joy and companionship to her family.

Stacy’s journey isn’t confined to mental health care alone. In Wales, she earned a Travel and Tourism Diploma and worked as a travel agent, exploring the world and fostering a love for adventure. Additionally, she ventured into entrepreneurship, owning her own baby store, demonstrating her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Stacy Thorne is undeniably the heart and soul of Topp Kids Bayside, a beacon of kindness, passion, and compassion. Her dedication to creating a nurturing environment and her ability to make everyone feel valued make her an invaluable member of the team, leaving a positive and lasting impact on the lives she touches.