Evergreen School

Our Centre

Using various learning methods based on play, our team at TOPP KIDS Evergreen will encourage and motivate children through creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, accountability and independent decision making. Our desire is to assist the school in achieving its mission “Ever-Learning, Every Student, Every Day! We Belong Together”, which we can achieve through mutual support and encouragement. We look forward to having fun and continue building a healthy and prosperous Evergreen community. Welcome to our family!

Centre Values

  • Community Involvement
  • Inclusion
  • Family
  • Child-Led Innovation

Aida Bahhur

Program Coordinator

With over seven years’ experience working with children and being a parent herself, Aida truly enjoys helping children grow and develop their skills and confidence. She believes every child has their own talents and her goal is to help them reach their potential by providing support in all areas. Happiness for her is helping others and having a positive impact on society.

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