St. Philip Fine Arts School

Our Centre

St. Philip is a Fine Arts School so TOPP KIDS carried this idea through the creation of this program and developed a sophisticated art program where the children have the opportunity to create by both themselves and as part of a team. Many of our projects are designed to incorporate ideas from the weekly themes. Coupled with the art program, the children at St. Philip participate in lots of free time for child-led play, clubs, and daily group games led by the daily leader. Our centre design allows for active play with half of the gymnasium left open for active play, sports, dancing, etc.

Centre Values

Using the “Bucket Filling” technique,  children learn and discover how they can experience the joy of helping, sharing, and giving. This approach focuses on positive behavior. The term fill a bucket is taught and its call to action is: What can you do to fill a bucket?  Imagination and creativity are valued, fostered, and encouraged.

Full-Time Kindergarten Program- Coming  in 2020 /2021 ! 

In addition to our regular before and after school programming, TOPP KIDS is proud to offer full-day kindergarten programs for students at our St. Philip F.A. School. Our team has created a program that compliments what they’re learning in their classrooms, while still PLAYing, GROWing, LEARNing & LAUGHing with weekly themes based on their interests.



Calgary Catholic Schools- STAGGERED ENTRY UPDATE

Calgary Catholic Schools have now released staggered entry dates for schools in an email sent out to families August 21st, 2020. This effects our St. Philip Fine Arts School location.

We have been notified by the CCSD that ONLY students attending the staggered entry dates will be allowed access to the school, this includes students attending TOPP KIDS.  In short, this means that all children (grades 1- 6) will be able to access the program on September 8th, 2020, and for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, only children scheduled to be in the school for their staggered day/time will be permitted to be in the program that day (this means your child will only be attending school and TOPP KIDS 1 day during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th). Schools will be sending out lists with your child’s staggered entry day today or next week.

KindiClubs will now be opening for their first day of classes on September 14th, 2020.

Regular fees do still apply for all before and after care participants as per our fee policies. See

We are being updated at the same time as families and we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible. We are committed to being there for as many of our families as we are permitted during these first days. We are in this together, and as things tend to change on a dime from our school boards, we will continue to keep you updated with any changes that may occur.

Program Coordinators will be available for questions on our regular program numbers as of August 25th, 2020 after 12:00 PM.

Lainey Lebo

Program Coordinator

Lainey is only beginning her journey in early learning and childcare, but ever since she was a young teenager, she has felt a connection to children and a desire to be a role model to young girls and boys. She finds so much fulfilment in providing children with love, support, and encouragement, as well as being a positive influence for the children in my care. "I could not imagine loving a job more than I love working at TOPP KIDS".

She is currently a 4th-year dance major at the University of Calgary. Soon she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. Lainey hopes to one day become a professional choreographer and incorporate her love of guiding children into her career as well.

She has been working with children in a before and after school setting for 5 years, and have been a member of the TOPP KIDS family for three of those five. She also began teaching dance to children at the age of 14 and believes that this integration of her passion for dance and my passion for inspiring and caring for children really allowed her to develop an interest in both.

"I plan to choreograph and dance professionally for as long as I can after graduating with my Bachelor of Arts. My favorite thing about working with children is the chance to be a positive role model to kids. I truly think of my job as such an important responsibility - if I am able to be a role model to children, I am committed to being the most positive role model that I can be".

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